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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Favorite Song

    - staff

  • Michael Kofman, Full Sail Alumni, Mystikal: "Bouncing Back"

    Mystikal - Bouncing Back induces an uncontrollable feeling to get off your seat and just groove and jive. Fishapalooza is about that, starting a bored Party Fish named Frank that stumbles upon a party belt. The game puts a spin on Katamari style gameplay where Frank, carefree and willing to face the deep sea dangers head on, proceeds by enticing other fish to join his entourage in his aim is to get the whole sea into a giant Mardi Gra like celebration.

    At first the ocean is mundane, peaceful, saturated, and life like (in a boring kind of way). When Frank approaches other fish or ocean creatures they begin to become brightly colored and eccentric. What is essentially happening in Fishapalooza is the building up of a parade that as the party grows larger the camera begins to pan out and the party covers a larger radius. The goal is, similar to Katamari, to get the party large enough in a short period of time.


    See above for an example of a boring tuna being transformed into a party fish as it joins up with Frank

    As more fish join the party, the fish transform from boring old tuna into a top hat wearing, trumpet playing, moon walking hipster. Fishapalooza will have costumes, various instruments that add to the build up by starting with simple acapella, adding melody, and percussion as certain tiers are met. The game adheres largely to a multi-layered 2D sidescroller perspective with platforming elements that aren't used so much as to defeat the opponent but to steer him down various paths of play. With occasional stops along the way which involve impressing other fish to join your group or defeating party poopers like sharks and squid. When this occurs a series of button presses will determine a win or a loss. Winning adds that fish/creature to your party. Losing to a party pooper will have them take or scare some fish away.

    See above for an example of the sidescrolling parade and intended perspective (very simplified).

    Towards the end we should see whales dancing on their feet. Sexy cheerleader fish. Color changing jellyfish. Octopus playing the piano. Sharks on the saxophone. Cool puffer fish on the trumpet. Small schools of fish expanding in and out in almost a fireworks pattern that is controlled procedurally by the music which is generated by the game progression and the size of the party.


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