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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Joy

    - staff

  • Camila Carvalho, Student of S.a.g.a - School of Art, Game and Animation, The Way of Music

    A girl is listening her favorite songs on the radio. She loves them so much she thinks she could play them just with her fingers. She starts to tap on her iPhone at the same rhythmic and imagines themes and moves like a movie clip. The music is playing with her imagination!

    The Game:

    At the iPhone, you control the sceneries of a song. You tap on the screen as you were just listening without paying much attention, but when you look at it, there are images showing up depending on the type of music and where you're touching. You don't have to run to big scores, as your reward is just to see different mixes for a same music, for example.

    There aren't any visible buttons to push.

    The sensation must be that the person is listening to the music and seeing her environment change as her character dances.

    The main character is searching for her lost feelings that were locked deep in her heart because of bad things she passed through her life. There are ways (chapters) with six different types of positive emotions, although you don't need to get through all of them to finish the game. They are:

    • The Way of Knowledge;
    • The Way of Empowerment;
    • The Way of Freedom;
    • The Way of Love;
    • The Way of Appreciation;
    • The Way of Joy.

    Each one provides you with songs and environments to make her listen, dance and master again these feelings.

    How to play:

    As it was said before, while you're listening to the music, you must tap on your iPhone according with the rhythm of the music. Where you touch doesn't matter how (just be sure is on the screen). When you stay on the rhythm you can see the character dancing and winning beautiful views that match with the theme (goods things like birds in the Way of Freedom or hearts in the Way of Love), but if you miss too much the rhythm it seems as she is making strange moves and the view start to gets fuzzy and bad images appears like monsters (but still well designed).


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