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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Inappropriate Title

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  • Aniol Alcaraz, Máster en Disseny i Creació de Videojocs UPC, Syphon Filter

    Syphon Filter is a third-person action game originally released for PS-X. In the game, Syphon Filter stands for a secret investigation's documents but we are going to use its title for a puzzle game based on the Syphon principle: The liquid shown at the picture will flow as long as both ends are lower than the top surface of the water, and one is inside and the other is not.

    Syphon Filter consists in filtering fluids using the syphon principle. In each level we are presented with a number of recipients containing various kinds of fluids and filters for each fluid. The goal is to conduct as much amount of each fluid as we can to its corresponding filter, which is the only one which will be able to trespass. In order to do so we will use our syphon, the natural properties of each fluid and the interactive elements of each level.

    At the example level shown at the picture we have three recipients, one contains salad oil, the second contains water and the third is empty. We can also spot two filters (oval-shaped and black-bordered), the blue one filters water and the yellow one filters salad oil. To move the liquids from one recipient to another we have to connect them using the syphon. In order to complete the level we have to move the salad oil to the recipient which already contains water. Since the salad oil has less density than the water it will position over the water and then will slide to the pipe at the right of the recipient and then to the filter. Then we will use the syphon again to move the water to the third recipient and then it will fall to its appropriate filter. Also note that we have to take in account the height of each recipient so that the syphon principle can be applied. Once we have the minimum amount of each fluid the level is completed. If we screw up we can reset the level at any time.

    Fluid properties

    • Density
    • Mass
    • Evaporation and liquefaction temperatures
    • Corrosion, so not all recipients are able to contain this liquid
    • Fluids can be mixed to obtain new effects. But be cautious, some might explode!
    • etc..

    Each recipient might have different shapes and attached mechanisms:

    • Heater, to evaporate liquids
    • Cooler, to liquefy gases
    • Pipes
    • Buttons that activate only when the recipient contains liquids which sum up a certain mass
    • Liquid pumpers
    • Turbines
    • etc..

    The artwork wouldn't be as simplistic as the shown in the fake screenshot, it would consist in a realistic look for the fluids and a cartoon look for the rest of the scene. The game locations can be practically anywhere, from a lunar base to a home garden. The fluids and recipients used would be coherent with the location. Also the physics used would simulate the real behaviour of the fluids.


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