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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Inappropriate Title

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  • Tania Anta, UPC's Master in Video Game Creation and Development, Braid

    Braid (intended as a casual flash game)

    As Louse Sassoon, a hairdresser-wannabe louse (Ratatouille anyone?), your dream is to make your human host wear the best-looking braids in the neighbourhood. To do so, you'll get to tame a set of rebel hair locks, forming the links that will shape the braid(s). However, humans and even your fellow lice will be around, decided to crush your dreams.

    At the beginning of the level you'll get explained the type of braid you must do, as well as the possible new features you may encounter in it.

    Then the game will star with Louse swinging from one of the locks (There will be some wind, blowing with varying strengths depending on the level). From there, it can jump to another lock either on its own, or carrying around the lock Louse was previously hanging from. If the jump is done while carrying around a lock of hair, one of the "links" of the braid will be made. After that, Louse will keep making links by repeating this process until time runs out. You must decide carefully when to jump so Louse can reach the desired lock avoiding to fall down. In addition to jumping and swinging, Louse can also use some items that may help it defeat its enemies, get some power-ups or score additional points. All the levels have a set duration. The area of interest where Louse will be able to put its skills to use will remain fixed for some seconds, and then the braid will go up (think of Puzzle Bobble, but in reverse order). If no links were done, the braid's appearance will look messy and you'll get less points.

    Once the time has run out, Louse will move on to the next level if it managed to achieve a minimum score. There will be more than one scoring levels to provide an additional challenge and reward your skill with some bonuses.


    • Lice shampoo cloud. Be careful and avoid them at all costs, as these clouds may kill you.
    • Enemy lice. They despise Louse because they think it brings shame to the family. To defeat them, throw them some nits and make them fall.
    • Hairspray cloud. This ozone-layer-destroying cloud will also paralyse Louse for a few seconds, leaving it vulnerable against enemies, and making it lose some precious time.
    • Hair drier. Strong wind gusts will blow for a while, making swinging and jumping from lock to lock more complicated.
    • Others.


    • Hair gel: It stops a lock from swinging around due to the wind.
    • Nits: Keep them to fight the enemy lice.
    • Beads and ribbons: Use them to increase your score, as the braids Louse will make will look prettier <3
    • Blood bubble: It'll cover Louse, making it invulnerable for a few seconds.
    • Extra lives: Well, I bet all of us know these ones already, don't we?
    • End-of-level bonus: After finishing certain levels Louse will have a chance to make some cool hairstyle by combining the braids it has been making during the level. If successful, it'll earn a huge score bonus.


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