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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Inappropriate Title

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  • Ryan George, Game Design Student at Columbia College Chicago, Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf

    Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf takes the calming sport of Golf and blends it with a quirky combat system that results in an interesting mix that takes the best from both worlds and is suited for either single player, pitting players against an AI opponent, or head to head allowing players to fight each other.

    Players first choose their character to fit their play style.

    Characters fall into two categories: Golfer or Brawler. Each character has different stats which increase the effectiveness of either fighting or golfing. Brawlers are more effective during combat, while Golfers are more effective at actual golfing. A third stat, Stamina, acts as both a health bar and a power bar which effects how far the ball will travel when hit. Simply put, a player with full stamina compared to a player with half stamina will hit the ball drastically further.

    With characters selected, the game begins!

    Players begin the match by taking their first stroke will full Stamina and all of their clubs. The golf aspect of Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf is similar to most common golf simulators in that players must select a club, take aim at the hole, take wind speed and direction into consideration, and finally gauge how much power to put into the stroke. Once both players have taken their first stroke and both balls have landed and come to a stop players must rush to their respective golf ball and attempt to sink the ball at the end of the course. However it's not that simple.

    This is where the fighting in Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf comes in. After players take their first shot and are running to their balls if at any time opposing players come within 20 feet of each other they enter combat. During combat both players attack each other with their selected golf clubs in an attack, block, and counter system of fighting. As players take damage the player's stamina slowly drains encouraging players to block. However blocking damages the players' selected club, eventually destroying it, forcing players to switch clubs and wait until the next hole to get a fixed club (example: If a players' putter is lost they can no longer use that club and must putt with something else). The objective of combat is to reduce the opposing players' stamina to zero, temporarily stunning opponents giving players valuable time to run to their ball and take their next stroke.

    When a player stunned player recovers their stamina is half replenished and they must do their best to prevent their opponent from making well placed shots. Players have the option to, when not in combat, lock on to their opponent and when in range throw a selected club interrupting targeted players and forcing them to enter combat and fight once again.

    This mixture of fighting and golf continues until one player successfully hits their ball into the designated hole. Like traditional golf, the player with the lowest amount of strokes wins.


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