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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Inappropriate Title

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  • Sethlans John Vayu, Student, Silent Hill

    In my version of Silent Hill, a player will be required to navigate around a specfic town whose buildings and homes are scattered around a hill, aptly named Silent Hill (you will see why in a second). Silent Hill is a town that offers many resources to people that live eternally from the hill and as such, you will be sent into Silent Hill to assist those people that require them. Players will be required to undertake quests/mission for people that live externally from the hill, but the trick is that the people that reside and run the businesses on Silent Hill are deaf. Therefore, when I person that lives outside the hill says, "The Bartender has the tool I need to fix my car", the player must then navigate Silent Hill, and try to learn sign language from other people that are having "conversations".

    The character who sends you on a quest will maybe teach you a sign or two and the sign language that is learned is then stored in a virtual diary in the players inventory. The player then has the option to approach characters on Silent Hill, and attempt to have a sign-language conversation with them by stringing together hand symbols that they have in their inventory to try and learn more symbols, or complete the missions given to them by characters living outside Silent Hill. A speech bubble appears when engaging or listening to a conversation, and the symbols that are being used are displayed within the bubble. These symbols are captioned by the word they represent only if the player has the word recorded in their diary, thus giving the player the gist of certain conversations, even if they only have knowledge of certain words in a conversation.

    There are also tutorials for sign language available to teach players the basic words and sentence structure at the beginning of the game, however the design goal of the game is to have players learn sign language, which is taught through the completion of in-game quests, learning what they can from the characters within Silent Hill, as well as picking up the occasional tid-bit from the person sending players on their mission. Players can also save sentences that they create and store them in their diary so that they can reuse sentences on other characters in the game.

    Visual effects will trigger when a player learns a new symbol or has strung a successful sentence together, and players are given awards based on their proficiency in learning sign language as well as obtaining awards for the number of missions they'v ecompleted. Silent Hill will possess audio for those that are not hearing impaired, however Silent Hill is also aimed at the hearing impaired demographic with the hopes of being the first step into a new genre of games for the hearing impaired minority.


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