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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Inappropriate Title

    - staff

  • Ivan Garde, character animator at Fliperama Studios, Paperboy

    I know that Paperboy is not an inappropriate title but believe me, it led me to some confusions in the 90's, you gotta understand though that I`m not an english native speaker and at the age of 12 my grasp of english was very poor. Half-knowing english led me to think of more inappropriate titles than any other fact, at 12 I would dimply dismiss the name "Vagrant Story" as a story of something I don't know what it means, but with some titles I could apply some reasoning, like paperboy

    When my friends told me that there was a cool game for Sega Genesis called Paperboy I promptly began to wonder how would it be to play a game with a boy made of paper!

    The confusion was set and really got disappointed when I discovered that the game was about a boy delivering newspaper, it wasn't nearly as cool as a superhero made of paper and to make things worst we don`t a similar to a paperboy in Brazil, there was nothing to relate with.

    So, lets use this challenge to think how the game of this boy made of paper would be ( which I haven't done in the 90s) and it could have worked for a 16-bit system

    The game would be a plattaformer and our paperboy would be suitable for a stealth-based 2D game, since he can slip under doors, hide in slits in the walls and surprise the enemies there could be a "hide and act" kind of mechanic , which I believe can be worked out (without making the player to wait for too long) with the proper level design.
    Jumping and gliding would be an integral part of the game, with we add a layer of interaction with wind, some simples puzzles could be in place, such as turning a fan on to get to a higher place
    This interaction could be improved allowing the player to have a light melee attack: the player could surprise an enemy and ...papercut him to death! Ok, not to the death, but to a timed incapacitation. Slide, hide, appear, jump, glide and PAPERCUT! how cool is this?

    Lastly, since the paper is often a media that receives information, not only gathering information could be main objectives in the game, but also there could be some kinds of information that affected the gameplay, such as some places to draw a camouflage or disguise on our hero, or some origami-stands where our hero could get folded for additional abilities for a limited time, (like a paper plane for a limited flight, for example) which could add a puzzle layer to our version of Paperboy!

    Fortunately, nowadays games with similar games follow this line of though, I mean, Super Meat Boy is about a hero made of meat and not a meat delivering boy on a bike :D


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