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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Inappropriate Title

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  • Matthew R. Perez, Metal Gear Acid

    A Psychedelic Tactical Trip Shooter.


    You play as Agent Orange a grizzled war Vet making his last tour of "Nam" Before being shipped back to Mississippi. However, problems arise when the seemingly weak threat of the Viet Kong is inflamed when their guerrilla warriors (who are actually guerrillas) become empowered by a Sacred "Sweet Leaf" which gives them the ability to slow time effectively speeding up their reflexes. To counter their quickening advances Col. Maxwell Hammer entrusts you with the military's secret weapon, Codenamed "Lucy's Sky Diamonds", A Performance enhancer that gives the user untold amounts of strength and endurance. After some testing with the weapon you hear from your intelligence officer, Major Hunter S. Thompson, via a chip they implanted in your ear. He will serve as your guide through the course of the game. Your mission is to find a giant metal gear that was discovered in the midst of the jungle, Intel believes it to be the key to winning the war efforts.


    The game first and foremost plays like a lot like more traditional fps/3ps shooters with a twist...

    The Trip Mechanic: When you use the Diamonds, objects bend in and out of reality throwing the color spectrum off in the game world. However, during this mode you have sharper aim and enemies stand out in the jungle, almost like night vision.

    However, taking too much will build tolerance effectively lowering the duration of your powers, and also have more residual effects on the game, such as strange flash forwards in missions, these give you a bit of foreshadowing to something ahead, may it be an ambush or simply something as arbitrary as a bag floating in the wind. These are an advantage but beware, these can be distracting in combat, and you will need to take cover during these flash forwards.

    By the end of the game things have gotten...weird. You start getting conflicting information from Intel, and Viet Kong begin saying strange things to you on the battlefield and the soundtrack changes to Led Zepplin. After each mission you are treated to a LIVE ACTION cut-scene, that gets progressively longer, and control of the camera in POV becomes less limited. Each time you get a better sense of the location.

    You return to base to fight an onslaught of Viet Kong attacking it. You tell the Colonel about the conflicting Intel from Major Thompson, he is confused and informs you that YOU are Major Thompson, knows nothing of the chip, and that you haven't even left the base yet. The level is unbeatable and you die.

    You wake up staring at a florescent light in a grocery store as an old man shopping for milk. You realize this was all some kind of acid flashback from bad LSD you took at Woodstock, you never even went to Nam. You Hear the Majors voice again and are prompted to Continue or Quit. Continuing Restarts the Game.


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