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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Inappropriate Title

    - staff
  •  Some games have titles that describe exactly what you're going to get. The Street Fighter series, for example, always features fighting, and frequently it takes place on the street. Grand Theft Auto not exclusively be about stealing cars, but it's a central part of the game. And there's Japan's current favorite, Monster Hunter.

    Some games, on the other hand, have more conceptual but still appropriate titles. While there are no bayonets in Bayonetta, the title calls to mind a sharp and dangerous woman -- which is what the title character is. There may be no angels in Halo, but it's the nickname for a ring around the planet that's deeply tied into the game's story. And Call of Duty and Medal of Honor are easy enough to understand.

    Then, there are game titles like Vagrant Story -- which is not a story about vagrants. At all. There's Guilty Gear -- a game title that makes some sense if you understand the fighter's convoluted backstory, but sounds like nonsense at first (and second) blush. And while Resident Evil made some sense as the title of a game set in a large mansion full of monsters, it's become increasingly inadequate for a series focused ever more on exploring larger locales.

    Game Career Guide challenged its readers to pick a game title for an already existing game which they feel does not describe the game, and then come up with a game design for one that does.

    What follows are the best and most original entries we received. Here are our top picks:

    Best Entries

    Ryan George, Game Design Student at Columbia College Chicago, Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf (see page 2)
    Ryan George takes a promising but misleading game title and realizes its full potential. Fighting Golf challenges players to stay under par while duking it out with competing golfers.

    Tania Anta, UPC's Master in Video Game Creation and Development, Braid (see page 3)
    Anta's take on Braid bears no resemblance whatsoever to the indie hit that shares its title, but instead suggests a compelling pick-up-and-play hairdressing experience.

    Aniol Alcaraz, Máster en Disseny i Creació de Videojocs UPC, Syphon Filter (see page 4)
    Sony's Syphon Filter is a third-person shooter with a seemingly nonsensical title. Aniol Alcaraz presents a puzzle game based on the concept of filtering fluids using the syphon principle.

    Honorable Mentions
    Nikhil Murthy, BITS, Final Fantasy (see page 5)
    Matthew R. Perez, Metal Gear Acid (see page 6)
    Vladimir Villanueva, Artist, Golden Axe (see page 7)
    Ivan Garde, character animator at Fliperama Studios, Paperboy (see page 8)
    Sethlans John Vayu, Student, Silent Hill (see page 9)
    Jeremy Sweetman, Qantm College - Melbourne, Australia, Quake (see page 10)


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