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  • Game Narrative Review: Lost Odyssey

    - Bryant Wood

  • Characters

    There are three major factions present in Lost Odyssey which correlate to their largest city. The cities enjoy to an extent the peace of the world, but many citizens wish for a more united world. Uhra and Gohtza are at the forefront of the fighting for the most dominant country, while Numara follows a strict isolationist policy.

    Kaim - The hero of the story, Immortal. Kaim is a Lieutenant of the Uhran army, fighting with a sword. Quiet and self-kept, Kaim hides a strong sense of loyalty and love under a hardened outer shell. Married to Sarah, with deceased daughter Lirum, and grandchildren Cooke and Mack.

    Gongora - The Shadow, Immortal. After arriving on the planet with good intentions, Gongora realizes he has immense power in this world, and attempts to extend that power over all worlds, to become a god. A manipulative, powerful magician, Gongora manages to take control of the country of Uhra and the Grand Staff and is only brought down by the combined efforts of the group.

    Seth - An ex-pirate, Immortal. Through an untold event, Seth has ended up in the Uhran army and is told to adventure with Kaim to explore Grand Staff. Once known as a grand pirate, Seth has a light hearted nature coupled with little fear of a fight. Seth is the Companion for Kaim, with him from the beginning, and shares the same major goal to regain her memory and stop Gongora.

    Sarah - Kaim's wife, Immortal. Sarah is a quiet, renowned sorceress who has read and studied much literature of the world. Driven to depression by witnessing the death of her daughter Lirum, Sarah is found in a house overrun with monsters, under the appearance of an old witch. Sarah represents the Mother, as she holds the greatest knowledge of the Immortal's journey in her diaries, and is the one to console or give guidance to the other characters.

    Ming - Queen of Numara, Immortal. Ming is known as the Thousand Year Queen, due to the term of her rule. An experienced ruler and great sorceress who has witnessed centuries of generations from the throne. Ming is very royal and formal. Having ruled her entire time on the planet, Ming is lonely and knows little of life outside the castle, expressed by her naiveté towards Jansen.

    Jansen - A money-loving womanizer, Mortal. Jansen is used by Gongora to keep an eye on Kaim and Seth through their initial journey to Grand Staff. After learning of Gongora using him, Jansen begins to help the party through his knowledge of black magic, and eventually falls in love with Ming. Jansen is the Clown, providing comedic relief to the story, while representing many of the traits the Immortals no longer feel after their long existence on the planet.

    Cooke - Kaim's granddaughter, Mortal. Cooke is a bit of a tomboy and is usually bossing around her younger brother Mack. Cooke is a skilled white magic user and supports the cast throughout the game. Cooke is a representation of the Child of the story. Cooke is the mature side of the Child, trying to mold childish hopes and dreams into realistic forms which take shape in the world.

    Mack - Kaim's grandson, Mortal. Gentle and shy, Mack has a strong backbone and wishes to be like his grandfather Kaim. After becoming possessed, Mack is able to cast Spirit Magic. Mack is a second representation of the Child of the story. Along with his sister Cooke, these two provide hope for a better, more peaceful world through their childlike natures. Mack represents the immature side of the Child, the side with unending hopes and dreams for the world.

    Sed - Seth's son, Mortal. An infamous pirate who wields magic rifles, Sed is met after he was captured in Uhra. Sed is a sarcastic man who often criticizes the bravery of other characters. Sed is the Engineer, very capable of working with mechanical objects and often found repairing any item found throughout the game.

    Tolten - King of Uhra, Mortal. Tolten was raised as a typical prince, with no sense of the real world. Gongora exploits Tolten to return Uhra to a monarchy and then proclaims his death, granting all power to Gongora. Tolten represents the Knight, a soldier of honour, who is a skilled fighter but will not fight without cause. Through Gongora's trickery Tolten breaks from the flaw of the Knight, his unrealistic view of the world.


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