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  • Applying for Your First Game Industry Job

    - Samuel Crowe
  • Feature!Introduction

    Thousands of people want to get into the game industry. And every single one of them asks the same questions over and over: “How do I get in the biz? What should I show in my portfolio? How much money will I make?” The list goes on and on.

    Before anyone can answer these questions it is important to understand one very important concept. The game industry is constantly changing, and roles and titles of careers vary from company to company. In hopes to help some of the people looking to “get into” the game industry, this article will help prepare you and allow you to gain some insight into the ever-changing world of game development.

    Although I occasionally gear personal notes towards artists, as this is something I can speak on from personal experience, all of the following information is for general purposes. No one company is the same and some companies offer less or more than others. In the end, it is up to you to do the research and make your own decisions.

    There is more to a game developer than just pumping out a game. As a future employee, there are many things that affect your future and financial stability with a company. Some of this may seem trivial to you, but it has been my experience that many people new to the industry never bother to research these items or give them much thought. It boils down to being prepared and knowing about the company you are applying to.


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