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  • Applying for Your First Game Industry Job

    - Samuel Crowe

  • Feature!Submitting Materials

    When you submit your portfolio or website to a company there is a good chance that it never makes it into the hands of the Lead or Director in your area of employment. Larger companies have Human Relations personnel review the material that is sent in. They have specific guidelines on what to look for and if those guidelines are not met, you are filed in file 13 (trash). The reason for this is time. Some companies get hundreds of emails a day asking for a job. That’s not to mention the bundles of mail that arrive with CD-ROMs, VHS tapes, and DVD’s.

    Tip: Never show up unannounced or without an appointment!
    Personal Note: I can remember many occasions when people would show up at the front door and want to drop off their resume and talk with me. Needless to say, in the middle of trying to meet a milestone, I didn’t have time to shoot the breeze and review work. Rarely, I would have time and I would spend time with these people, but that was a very rare thing. I would never discuss any job openings. Instead, I would review their work and offer suggestions and try to answer any questions they may have. It’s considered rude and unprofessional to just show up on the doorstep and force yourself upon the developer.

    Having a website with samples is the best way to market your skills. Don’t waste money or time burning a CD and mailers. The prospective employer will request a hard copy if that is their preference. Otherwise assume that the website is best.

    Be sure to read their requirements on their website. Some employers may only accept CD-ROMs while others only accept email submissions with samples. If you neglect to follow simple instructions that are on the website, your submission will get trashed.


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