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  • Applying for Your First Game Industry Job

    - Samuel Crowe

  • Feature!Conclusion

    Are there bad companies out there? You better believe it! Why are they so bad? Management. From the research I’ve done as well as personal experience, I would estimate 90% of all companies being shut down are due to poor management. Some companies view you as an expendable asset (“dime a dozen”) and they could care less about your employment status. They believe they can just replace you at anytime.

    Fortunately though, that attitude is changing. It’s a small game world and we keep up to date on what’s good and bad. Some companies are in it to get rich quick and then get out, leaving a large amount of people and families without jobs and any type of security. It’s not all fun and happy. I hear about this all the time and it sickens me. I certainly don’t want to make someone rich while I starve and have to live out of my car.

    Are there good companies out there? Most certainly. I talk with friends and I honestly can’t believe what they tell me. They love the work they are doing, they have benefits that would make Bill Gates jealous, and they get fat checks.

    So why is it so hard to find these places or get hired there? Low turnover. People will not leave a good thing unless they have to. It’s all about realizing the simple fact that it’s the employees who make these games and keeping them happy is a very simple and cheap thing to do.

    Believe it or not, there are owners of game companies who really want to hire you, but if the budget isn’t there, there really is not much they can do.

    Yes, there are some silly things that companies do that will boggle your mind, but it’s not your place to question. If that’s where you want to work, go for it! If you’re unhappy and you have to leave, then leave. If you find that everyone is unhappy and you have this feeling that the company is at stand still and no money is coming in, well, it’s time to jump ship.

    Do the research, this is your career and your livelihood—it’s worth the time and effort.


    Samuel Crowe's career as an artist has spanned at least 12 years, ranging from graphic design, illustration, and video games. After earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts from East Tennessee State
    University. he was hired as a Lead Artist for Sunstorm Interactive and eventually moved into Lead Artist of Vicarious Visions. He is currently working on his Masters in Fine Arts with the goal to teach Art to college students while working as a freelance artist.



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