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  • In-Game Bug Reporter Best Practices

    - Ben Humphreys
  • Industries of Titan features an in-game bug reporter that has been incredibly useful. Players have been very kind in submitting bug reports and suggestions through it, and we usually get a couple of hundred reports a day.

    Industries of Titan in-game bug reporter This is what the bug reporter looks like in-game.

    In this tutorial I won't go into the technical aspects of creating a bug reporter, but instead talk about how to get the most out of a your bug report system.

    Make it easy for players to submit bug reports

    This first point might be obvious, but it's the whole point of making an in-game bug reporter. Players can always contact via other methods (Discord, forums, Twitter etc.) but in-game should have as little friction as possible. Ideally a button visible on-screen or on the pause screen.

    Include as much information as possible

    System specs: Windows version, CPU, GPU, RAM information etc.

    Current game information: If there is information about the player's current game state that is not present in a screenshot, make sure to included it in files or logs. For example what skills do they have equipped, where are they in the overworld, what quests have they completed, can all be incredibly useful in understanding the cause of a bug.

    Log files:

    Current save file: QA will need to load saves to verify bugs. The key is to make the process of going from reading the bug report to being in-game with the save as simple as possible. Ideally it should be a single click for QA to download the save, start the game, and load the downloaded save file.

    A screenshot: Players will often report visual bugs. You will need a screenshot to see what they are referring to. Giving the player the ability to re-take the screenshot and see it is ideal.

    All configuration files: If a user reports that some input is not working, or that they are having problems with their resolution, you will need to their configuration files to confirm if it is something with the config, or the game, or something else.


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