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  • How To Revamp Your Game's Steam Page

    - Nora Blaskovits
  • 1. Prepare a super eye-catching capsule image for your Steam page.

    The small capsule will be the one displayed in ALL LISTS on Steam. If it's eye-catching enough, it works like a mouse magnet - users will hover over it to look at your game's screenshots.

    Which brings us to:

    2. Add some super colourful screenshots.

    The first 4 will be visible to users browsing through Steam looking for the next game to play, so make these super pretty.

    3. Test if the capsule generates more clicks on your game for a week or two. If not, then try switching it to an even more eye-catching version.

    4. Add a video that shows actual gameplay of your game.

    Skip the cinematics. Ain't nobody got time for that on Steam! :)

    5. Record a stream with (preferably funny) devs playing the game. Put it on a continuous loop on your game's Steam page.

    This helps with the visibility of the game, drives traffic to your Steam page and you might even get featured in the GAMES STREAMING NOW section of your genre's store page.

    Don't forget about the Broadcast Artwork (the customized background image displayed on the two sides, as you can see above) - this gives your page a more professional feel.


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