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  • A Slow Gaming Manifesto

    - Artur Ganszyniec

  • Local

    I believe that there are enough games about saving the world and not enough about saving a moment.

    I want games that tell stories of people, places, and times that the mainstream overlooks.

    Games that were made away from the main hubs of the game industry. Games that were inspired by things close to the creators, not to the non-existent average customer. I want to be exposed to ideas unknown to me and learn.


    I believe that our main responsibility as creators is not to the market, not to shareholders, not to the company, not to gamers, and not even to the team - but to our creativity. I believe that our ideas and skills are the rarest of resources, and our responsibility is to keep them renewable.

    Pushing oneself to make a game may be OK. Burning out to make a game is never OK.

    I want games made by people who are allowed to take care of themselves, people working in a sustainable environment.

    My Slow Gaming Manifesto

    So, this is my second take on a Slow Gaming Manifesto - a design philosophy and an artistic path that I try to follow.

    I want a sustainable work ethic.
    I want local scope.
    I want organic inspiration.
    I want a wholesome message.

    I believe that we can strive toward those values no matter what game we do and where we work. I believe that every step in the right direction is worth taking.

    If the path calls to you too, just start walking.


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