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  • Getting My Indie Game Released On PS5 And Switch

    - Stavros Pilatis

  • Nintendo Switch, PlayStation & Xbox

    After releasing GLO on Steam, I immediately started work on my next indie game Gym Empire. However, this was not the end of the story for GLO. I always believed GLO would be a perfect fit for console gaming. A belief which was confirmed by many comments from players and the community.

    GLO Switch

    Full of confidence I approached Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony about releasing GLO on their respective consoles. I knew it would be a stretch as I was an unknown solo indie developer. Also, for as strong as GLO's gameplay is, it's a difficult game to showcase through screenshots and trailers.

    Unfortunately, as I feared, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony turned down GLO.

    Indie Game Success Is About Persistence

    Over the next 2 years I continued development of Gym Empire, building a strong community and put a lot of effort into building the Chronik Spartan YouTube channel. Throughout creating content for the YouTube channel I started to put a lot of focus on building my PlayStation Vita collection and creating episodes around the PlayStation Vita, one of my favorite consoles. It was on this journey that I found myself looking at new releases on the Eastasiasoft website. Where I came across a section to Publish Your Game. This instantly got me thinking, could this be the way to get GLO on consoles?

    To cut a long story short, I reached out to Eastasiasoft about publishing GLO. They loved the idea and 5 months later GLO is about to release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch on September 9th 2021. Finally making my dreams a reality.

    Releasing My Indie Game On Consoles

    Even now as I'm writing this, I still haven't fully comprehended what's really happening. It still feels like it's not real. Like I'm going to wake up and realise that game development is still some impossible to reach aspiration. But it's very much real. GLO has appeared in the Eastasiasoft End Of Summer Showcase, the trailer is out and the store listings are up for PSN and Nintendo eShop. This is really happening!

    GLO Nintendo eShop


    But it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't 100% believed in GLO. Knowing that it is a great game, worthy of consoles even after the initial rejections. Knowing that to achieve your dreams you have to keep pushing. Finding every opportunity and bridging every gap to ensure I wasn't just an unknown solo indie developer.

    My dream is becoming a reality, but this is only the start. The door has only just opened to a world of game development. And that door is there for you too...

    This post is originally appeared on the Chronik Spartan Blog.

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