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  • The Logo Design Process: Basic Steps

    - Massih Naisan
  • Hello! Designing a logo for your game is not something I've seen covered too many times, even though the game logo is an important part of marketing on platforms like and Steam. A well designed game logo can convey the mood of the game and make it stand out in a crowd.

    In this post I will share my logo design process, as well as link to some great resources for learning about graphics design. I want to point out that this is not a software tutorial.

    I've been working professionally as a graphics designer and illustrator since 2012 and I'm currently working on a short surreal immersive VR experience called DunDun together with my brother and a friend.

    The Process of Designing a Logo for Your Game

    This article is about the necessary steps to produce a logo for your game. When dealing with clients there will obviously be more steps involved, from the initial background check to time plans and contracts. I'm not writing about those things as my intentions are for you to get started designing your own game logo, not someone else's.

    At the very least, I want to help you understand and better communicate with your graphics designer. I will assume that you have already picked an awesome name for your game.

    the logo design process
    A summary of the Logo Design Process.

    Research. Your initial research should include at least the following information:

    - A brief description about your game. Can you summarize the game in one short sentence?
    - Who is your target audience? (What kind of a player).
    - Who are your main competitors? How do they work with their branding?
    - What makes your game unique in comparison to your competitors?
    - What keywords should be associated with your game? Be specific and keep it three to six words.
    - "Do's and Don'ts" in regards to the logo design, within your specific genre.

    Be honest with yourself and do proper research! This information is essential as it will dictate your design decisions going forward.

    Create a Design brief and a Mood board. The above information should be summarized in a design brief. This document will be the foundation for the design of your game logo. Every decision you make should be based on this information, which is why the design brief is very important. It can be a simple text document with the information presented in a bulleted list. Try to keep it two pages maximum.

    design brief and mood board
    The Design brief and Mood board.

    The mood board is a visual exploration based on the information gathered so far. After all, the end product is a visual one. Collect graphics, fonts, inspiring photos, colors, patterns and anything else that will help concretize and clarify the design brief. Treat it as a sketch and make several iterations if needed. Make the most important imagery bigger and add text captions that explains why you picked those images. This is especially important if you are showing someone else your mood board without being present yourself. Nothing in the mood board is final! An alternative to using any graphics software is to use Pinterest.


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