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  • From App Development To Games: The Journey To HordeCore

    - Alessandro Cossidente
  • Despite the huge attention it attracted over the last decade, a lingering fog still enshrouds the world of game development. Prospective developers, for example, often have only a general idea of the inner workings of a studio. For most players, on the other hand, games are born as a self-enclosed entity: it is as if they appear out of thin air.

    Of course, the truth is a slightly different matter. The actual stories behind each game aren't only unique and fascinating, but also a great learning opportunity. For that reason, we sat down with the team at Digitality Studios, the Portuguese developers behind upcoming side-scrolling shooter HordeCore, and talked about the journey that brought them to their first commercial release.

    If you're curious to know more about it, here's how that conversation went:

    Let's start with something simple: who is Digitality Studios?

    Digitality Studios was officially founded in 2018 as an indie software development company, but we've all been a part of the indie game development community for far longer than that.

    We are, first and foremost, a very small team with very large ambitions and a huge passion for what we do! There are currently 4 of us behind the curtains:

    • Luís Nogueira: our Project Lead & Level Designer, who is not only responsible for every time you get stuck in a level but also for our development management.
    • Carolina Saraiva: our resident Artist and the one that currently leads our zombie-fashion department along with all of our design tasks.
    • Gonçalo Fonseca: one of our awesome Programmers, who tackles both our game design and bug-making departments.
    • Inês Lopes: our other Programming wizard, in charge of our bug-fixing department, as well as most things related to our collectible cards!


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