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  • What Skills Do You Need To Become A Professional Game Developer?

    - Dan Reut

  • 4. 3D Modeling

    By 3D modeling, I mean not only modeling but also texturing, creating shaders, pretty much every stage of creating, implementing, and rendering 3D models in a game.

    It will help you understand what models you want to include and even help you become better at using any assets.

    5. Animation Skills

    It is hard to imagine any games without animation, from simple mobile games to even loading screens.

    By the way, do you know that you have to use animation during the loading screen, so players will know if the game is stuck?

    Understanding the basics of animation will help you animate everything from simple characters to complex 3D models.

    6. Music and Sound Management

    Oh yes, this is something that many developers just skip, and the reason is that they think it is super easy and simple. Just drop some music samples and play them when the object is triggered.

    But, with raytracing technology and Sony's 3D sound, everything can change. NPC can literally start hearing you because raytracing can simply emulate sound waves, and you will get another way to trigger your NPC's behavior.

    7. Marketing & Market analysis

    You are making games for other players to enjoy, and it is vital to understand your market.

    Most of the big game development companies are already using it to develop better games. During an interview, Robin Hunicke, one of the Journey's creators, mentioned that during development, Sony provided them with big data on players.

    This is why it is important to understand how to collect data and what questions to include.

    And, of course, how to market your game in the right way. According to, around 8,290 games were released on Steam.

    Can you imagine how loud you should scream in order to attract attention? This is why smarter is better than louder. And to do in a smart way, you need to learn it.

    So, it does not matter if you want to become an indie, solo developer, or even work for the company. Understanding and mastering these skills will help to make better games, and this is what every player needs right now!


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