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  • How I Successfully Pitched My First Game As A Solo Dev

    - Carl-Frederik Wibroe

  • Main takeaways

    So essentially, I kept it as to the point as I could - while still trying to convey the factors that actually differentiate Peachleaf. I didn't include anything about budget-requirements in there, though, as I figured that would be best left for actual discussions.

    All the 6 interested publishers complimented my pitch and out of those 6, 3 went to the negotiation phase, and I ended up going with Digerati, which was the smallest of the 3. It was important for me to get a publisher that wasn't too corporate, and where I would be comfortable saying "fuck" in meetings. And so far, I've been extremely happy to have gone with Digerati. The core production team consists of my producer, associate producer, head of marketing, and head of feedback/developer relations.

    I've retained complete creative freedom, but it really is amazing to have a team of professionals that actually know what they're doing to help out with everything, and not least, to play and test the game!

    I obviously hope that the game will do alright, or at the very least not be universally hated, but the entire process has been so extremely valuable for me in terms of how much I've learned about game-development, that even if the game flunks big-time, I am extremely proud to have gone from a weird intangible idea about a game, to now being close to having a full game created entirely by myself.

    Closing thoughts

    I don't know if my approach to iterative pitching actually has any merit, or if it was a combination of dumb luck and a very clear vision about what I wanted my game to be that got me a publishing deal, but I did find it super interesting that all the positive responses came in the last two iterations of the pitch, which would suggest that there's at least some value in the pitch alone.

    It is extremely scary to now actually be announcing the game, and while I can't offer any insight on launching a title (yet), I'm always happy to answer almost any question at all. I won't be sharing specific numbers from my contract or share who the other interested publishers were, though, because of confidentiality clauses and whatnot, but apart from that, I love transparency, so feel free to fire away! :)


    If the idea of a chilled-tropical RPG with point n' click and farm-sim elements sounds like your kind of fun you can help appease our algorithmic Steam overlords by wishlisting here, or follow the development on the Peachleaf Twitter here. I also sometimes tweet about stuff here.


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