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  • How I Successfully Pitched My First Game As A Solo Dev

    - Carl-Frederik Wibroe

  • So, what worked? This is the final format I ended up getting positive responses from:

    1. Cute GIF

    2. Brief email with a link to the unique URL

    Hi there *Publisher*!

    You probably get a million pitches a day, so I'll (try to) be brief. :)

    My game is called Peachleaf Pirates, and in a single sentence, Peachleaf Pirates is what would happen if Stardew Valley met the Monkey Island-series, and they decided to add in RPG mechanics for good measure.

    What makes Peachleaf Pirates unique is the quirkiness, atmosphere, humor, and the genre-mashing of Adventure RPG, Farm-Sim/Base-building, and Point n' Click.

    I've put together this little pitch, which includes a trailer, design-document (with timeline), and a playable build.

    (Link and password to the website)

    3. Content on the website

    • Title: Peachleaf Pirates

    • Platform: PC

    • Main inspirations: Monkey Island series & Stardew Valley

    • Genre: RPG with farm-sim and point & click elements.

    • Engine: GameMaker Studio 2

    • Team: One-man team

    • Estimated release: 2022 (NOTE: The real release date is now in 2021, but I had no way of accurately estimate that when pitching, so I went with better safe than sorry)

    • Seeking: Publishing, Marketing, QA

    • Gameplay: Peachleaf Pirates plays as if Stardew Valley married Monkey Island and they added in RPG skill progression for good measure.

    • Unique selling points: The atmosphere, setting, humor, and genre-mashing of RPG, Farm-Sim, & Point n Click.

    • Design Document Link

    • Playable build link (press "C" in-game to see controls)

    • Trailer link

    About me: 

    My name is Carl, I'm 29 and from Denmark. I released my first game at the tender age of 5 in 1995; a ridiculous HTML-based browser "game". With my game-development career peaking early, since then, I've gotten a degree in psychology, served as a sergeant with the Danish Military Intelligence Regiment, and had a career in hotel management. Last year I decided to develop something a bit larger in scope than my first game. 

    I am driven, easy to work with, and down-to-earth. I'm very aware that my game has a large scope, and that the goal of any publisher is to work with developers who can actually ship a game. And to answer the question, yes, I can ship this game.

    About the game: 


    Craft items. Build and upgrade your farm. Sell crops. Emphasis on creativity and optimizing your farm.


    Hack n' slash style combat. Gather loot. No explicit quests. Hand-crafted dungeons. Emphasis on meaningful skill-progression.


    Linear story-progression primarily through Point & Click mechanics. No quest markers. Main story-line has an ending, but the game is open-ended. Story-line can be completed without ever engaging in combat. Emphasis on humor-infused dialogue, well-designed puzzles, and lots of obscure secrets & pop-culture references. 


    Foraging for resources. Emphasis on intrinsically-motivated exploration


    No character-creation screen, player role-plays as protagonist character named Joe. Joe is never referred to with any pronoun in-game, but is referred to as he/him in the game-design document for readability. 

    Contact details:

    (My contact details)


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