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  • Under The Looking Glass: Roguelites

    - Arne Neumann
  • Today I'll talk about a genre of games that occupy a niche in the video game industry, albeit a niche that is gaining traction, simply due to exposure and the fact that there's more humans on the planet now than back when the original game that all subsequent genre titles are, often loosely, related to, Rogue, was released.

    Without going into too much historical or genre detail, maybe apart from recommending the often topically related to rogue likes podcast "Eggplant: The Secret Live of Games" to interested listeners, a dissection of primarily two titles will be performed, and those titles are Enter the Gungeon and Dead Cells. 

    Both EtG and DC, as they shall be called henceforth for reasons of conciseness, are of the action variant of the rogue like sub genre rogue lite, which foregoes certain limitations and rules that define a classic rogue like while keeping enough of the general characteristics to classify within the genre specifications.

    While this, in a general sense, will be a rather technical and attemptively dry analysis of those two pieces of entertainment, a certain personal bias favoring one of the two titles for preferential reasons has cannot be denied. Matter of factly, a critical dissemination with a definitive conclusion determining the reasons why one of the two titles is clearly "better" based on intellectual deductions will be made, thereby admittedly reducing the analysis to a highfalutin version of "chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla", while at the same time hopefully entertaining the reader a good bit, or at least allow for critical thinking towards the titles in question.

    A back and forth between categorized aspects of the games will be made, to allow for a side by side comparison of specific design details and diversions.


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