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  • Postmortem: Neon Climber

    - Nikita Pavlov

    • Enemies and power-ups. Funny, that the trivial saw took us most of the time. After we figured out the suitable shape, designing everything else was a cakewalk. For some objects, we used sprites, for others - 3D meshes made in Blender.

    • Last but not least - UI. Got inspired by the new Deus Ex series, in terms of colors, border style, and such.

    The whole art workflow was unevenly distributed between the team. Someone dug into a character production, other tried himself in FX or background, and so on. The choice was based on experience or at least on desire to acquire it.

    In the end, we are pretty happy with the results. It's still giving me a smile, how the audience on DevGamm19 praised our «artist», with me correcting them - "actually, we have 4 of them!"

    Tip # 3

    Art-style and settings can affect CPI. Lookup for rivals' CPI, if possible, and choose the style according to it.

    Tip # 4

    The project doesn't have to be a text RPG if there is no art guy on board. It's okay to look around and try to copy an affordable art-style from other games.


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