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  • Postmortem: Neon Climber

    - Nikita Pavlov


    The style and setting of the game is already in its name, but even so the road to final graphics was rough. Because none of us are artists, we had to deal with art workflow in the blind trial and error way, despite the good and accurate references, such as Rider, Geometry Wars, and of course TRON.

    • First things first. We decided to start with the background. It needs to be pretty, but not distracting from the foreground. A single color variation without glow was our best try.

    • The main collectible item. In our case, it's just a plain coin. Various donuts and bubbles stepped aside before 3D triangular, accenting upward movement.
    • Main hero. Again, got inspired by the TRON series. Concept art from a fellow artist, the 3D model with our own hands, animations from Mixamo (most of it). The most pain in the ass was running animation. It's hard to find one that suits our wall-running concept, so we tuned it countless times.

    A very big special thanks to Daria Kalinova for hero's concept-art.


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