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  • Breaking Down Development Costs For Hexicon

    - Christian Kasilag
  • I am a co-founder of Scatterbrain Studio, indie developer of Hexicon: Strategy Word Game. Our mobile game has progressed from a side project to a side business over the last 3 years, and we have self-funded it every step of the way. We have tried to keep expenses to a minimum, but development still ended up costing us $2,923.90 prior to the game's launch. 

    These costs are often difficult to estimate before starting a project, so I hope this breakdown sheds some light on what to expect. This is what we spent our money on:

    • $800 - Lawyer-drafted privacy policy + terms of use (covering 2 games)

    • $625 - Lawyer-drafted trademark application

    • $425 - Apple Developer account, 4x years

    • $300 - Delaware LLC Annual Tax, 1x year

    • $250 - Adobe After Effects (11 months, annual plan)

    • $194 - 11 Domains (basically like crack when only $8.99/year)

    • $99 - Delaware Registration of LLC

    • $90 - 2 years of Delaware registered agent fees

    • $75 - Digital conference ticket (PocketGamer Digital)

    • $25 - Themed Hexicon business cards (for in-person events)

    • $25 - Google Play Developer Account (1-time fee)

    • $12 - Facebook ads

    • $3.45 - Database Fees (Firebase, 2016-2020)

    • $0.45 - Hosting Fees (Firebase, Nov 2019-May 2020)

    This is not a long list, but $2923.90 isn't exactly a small amount of money for a side project. We were able to split these costs as a team of 3, though a solo developer would face these costs alone. Fortunately, these expenses were spread out over a few years, which did make them manageable.


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