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  • MassDiGI's Virtual Expo: Welcome To DevConnect

    - Timothy Loew

  • DevConnect, which ran in March, gave dozens of students and recent graduates we knew from 13 different colleges and universities as well as current and past IGDA Scholars the chance to take part in online mini talks, one-on-ones and portfolio reviews with game industry professionals from 16 companies, studios and organizations.

    "When GDC was canceled, everyone was standing around and wondering how we would make up for the lost opportunity,"  said Sofia Syjuco, a Carnegie Mellon University ‘19 alumna as well as an IGDA Velocity '20 and IGDA GDC Scholar '19 awardee. "Luckily, MassDiGI took action and it's making a big difference for us!"

    For students, it was an opportunity to meet up with professionals and learn, gather feedback on their body of work and get a sense of where the industry is headed.

    "As I get ready for graduation next year, connecting with pros is an important part of my plan to begin establishing relationships in the game industry," said Jennifer Kindl, a current student at Becker College and an IGDA Scholar ‘19 and Microsoft Game Changer ‘19 awardee. "DevConnect is the kind of event that helped me do that even amidst so much uncertainty."

    For professionals, this is an opportunity to connect with students and give back, offer guidance and scout the next generation of talent.

    "Building a network is crucial to making it in any industry," said Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir of Bonfire Studios and a DevConnect participant. "This is a problem for students everywhere, but once a year we used to see them at GDC.  It is great that everyone was able to work together and make this happen."

    When it was all said and done, DevConnect generated over 150 interactions and despite a few technical glitches, scheduling challenges and unforeseen pandemic-related complications it was an experience we will learn from, improve and do again. DevConnect 2, anyone?


    Special thanks to all the game industry participants from Bungie, Riot Games, Day for Night Games, BeamNG, Adventure Labs, FIX Health, Bonfire Studios, Obsidian Entertainment, Happy People Games, Filament Games, Vision Online Games, Standing Stone Games, MassDiGI, Twisted Pixel Games, Mythos CEX and GDC/Gamasutra.

    And, of course, many thanks to the students and recent graduates from WPI, Wellesley, USC, SVA, RIT, Northeastern, MECA, Lesley, FAST NUCES, CMU, Boston U., Brown and Becker for taking part and helping to make it happen.


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