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  • Crafting Nightmares: Othercide's Art Direction

    - Alexandre Chaudret

  • Many people think that our main inspiration for Othercide was Sin City: the black and white universe the game depicts, with the touches of vivid red on the scarves of our Daughters and their supernatural skills... I completely understand the link. The funny thing is that Sin City was not one of my main inspirations for the art direction at all. I was more on the tracks of the twisted world of BLAME fom Nihei, the violence of Berserk from Miura or the essence of the manga Claymore. 

    I always prefer to gather a few, strong references, "digest" them as fast as possible, and start sketching to find the right system for the project. I feel that you can easily get "lost" in references, by always concentrating on "what's out there" instead of "what you have inside you".

    Illustration by Marine Coiffard / Art Direction by Alexandre Chaudret

    Crafting Nightmares

    I always try to infuse pieces of my own experiences and feelings into the project, especially during the early ideation stages. I consider that if you are honest with your own sensations, there will be a kind of resonance with the ones experiencing your art. An invisible connection.  

    A lot of the creatures and subjects you can see in Othercide are born this way: from the nightmares of the art team, and mine especially. When I was 18 years old, I contracted a blood disease that kept me in bed for several months, with terrible pain in my articulations and muscles. I could hardly move without vomiting, and my body became a temple of suffering at a moment where you should be at the peak of your physical condition. At night, the pain was making me "see" things: creatures nibbling my bones, hiding in the dark corners of my room, sneaking out of shadows to mock my condition...

    Those were some of the "visions" I remembered coming into Othercide, and together with our talented Art team, we ended up exploring our own feelings and fears to transpose them in the project.

    We can say that art kind of saved me at that time: after months laying down in bed, I could finally sit in front of a white canvas, a brush in hand, painting for hours on end. The main villain in Othercide, the Child, is inspired by this very moment: trapped in a cellar, the poor kid survives his condition by sculpting creepy figures with clay. These desperate creations will become the monsters escaping from the Veil, reaping and shredding for the sake of revenge. 

    "I think that we're all mentally ill. Those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better." - Stephen King

    Illustration by Sébastien De Louvigny / Art Direction by Alexandre Chaudret


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