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  • Crafting Nightmares: Othercide's Art Direction

    - Alexandre Chaudret
  • "From their lair of darkness, the Others feed from our nightmares..."

    In a dark ethereal world, fighting in the ruins of a broken City, a group of fierce warriors stand to prevent Reality from Shattering. Through pain, sacrifice and blood splatters, the Daughters will go through the twisted realms of the Dark Corner and confront the horrible creatures of the Suffering Other.  

    Will you succeed in stopping the tortured creator of those monstrosities known as the Child? 
    What will you be able to sacrifice to reach your goal...? Will you be able to dig all the hidden secrets laying behind the curtains of reality? 

    This is Othercide, a tactical RPG, where epic battles tell personal tales of fear and suffering. But that's only the tip of the iceberg.  

    My name is Alex Chaudret, I have been working in the video games industry since 2011, and I joined Lightbulb Crew as an Art Director in September 2017. When I arrived in the studio, Othercide was still in a very early stage - it wasn't even called Othercide yet! - and I had no idea how stimulating (and exhausting!) this journey would end up being, both creatively and emotionally... 

    It was (and it still is) my first official job as an Art Director, and even though I wanted to be confident and brave, I had in fact no idea what I was stepping in. I just had a very clear mission: make Othercide stand out "artistically" from the tactical genre, and establish a strong, coherent art direction for the project and the company.  

    "You just have to trust your own madness." - Clive Barker

    Illustration by Marine Coiffard / Art Direction by Alexandre Chaudret

    Dark Inspirations

    When I started, Othercide had already entered preproduction a few months ago; there had been lots of ideas explored, different styles tried out, but it ended up being too close to the "XCOM" aesthetics still. It was time to try a different approach, so we set out to define a creative framework, an "art system" with a handful of clear, bold aesthetic rules we would be working with. These rules created strong boundaries that immediately structured the way we thought about what I call the "soul" of the project itself: something that everyone can "feel", but doesn't really "see" yet.  

    I remember my first speech to the team, doing my best to not show my anxiety: 

    "Guys, in any case, I'm here to do a game. Not an artbook."

    Throughout production, even to this day, we've been referring back to this statement whenever we need to make an artistic decision.


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