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  • TeamTMT: The Student Developers Behind Snow Fighters

    - Kevin McVay

  • Where to Begin Making an Action Game


    The first thing I created after coming up with the project was the six character designs. I designed six characters simultaneously in notebooks I used for lecture notes, and then moved on to making dot graphics without any real elaboration. Since pixel art was a sort of hobby of mine, I created all the pixels myself. Once the characters' pixel images were done, I made an ad hoc system that generated snowballs and threw them, and Toshima put everything else together.


    Yeah, I put together the ad hoc system that Takimoto made. The first thing I worked out was the system-side character behaviors. First I made the basic character behaviors, then the character selection screen, and then did the fine tuning and adjustments on the various characters themselves.


    After that, I made the stage chips, backgrounds, UI, standing images of the characters, and finally the music. I also like making songs, so except for some sound effects, almost everything sound-related is my own.

    Little Tips for Making Action Games on Pixel Game Maker MV


    I recommend adjusting the number of sprite frames when creating animations to make them sharper. In SnowFighters, the number of character frames is basically fixed at 4-5f. However, explosions for super moves and beam animations are made to move quickly by switching at 2f, and at the end of the animation, the number of frames is reduced by 2f → 6f → 7f.

    Also, there is a character that uses a snowboard to move around, but I wanted to make it "slide" more in order to have it stand out from the other characters, so I checked the acceleration/deceleration item in [Movement and Jumping][J1]  to change the movement spee, which worked out perfectly.


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