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  • TeamTMT: The Student Developers Behind Snow Fighters

    - Kevin McVay
  • As we've had a great number of readers proclaiming their wishes to create their own action games, I've been speaking with some true craftsmen of the action genre to find out how they make their own titles. Our third installment features TeamTMT.


    SnowFighters Game Introduction

    TeamTMT comprises a pair of students at Hokkaido Information University: Takimoto and Toshima. The team is currently at work developing the game SnowFighters. SnowFighters is a snowball fight game in which you make and throwing snowballs, in case this wasn't hella obvious. It's being hailed as a "snowball fight e-sports game". While the basic game system - making and subsequently chucking snowballs - is simple, the characters can move freely in all directions, and there are "EX" techniques that can totally change the course of battle specifically made for each individual character. We spoke to the team about the various trials and tribulations they've encountered through the development process.


    My name is Takimoto. We formed TeamTMT in order to join the game development contest held every year at our university. The two of us participated in last year's contest as well, but we ended up burning out and the results weren't as fortunate as we'd hoped. This year, we're back to hopefully make up for that. At this point, I've got about six years' experience in game development, and this is the second time I've worked on a collaborative game like this.


    Toshima here. I got started in game development after starting college, so for me it's been about three years and change so far. We formed TeamTMT in 2018 to join the yearly game development contest held at our university. Continuing from the previous year, I decided to enter again this year, thus rejoining the team, and later scoring our own booth at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show.

    How SnowFighters Began


    The concept behind the game was to create a simple competitive game that could be easily picked up and played even by people who don't usually play games that much. From there, we decided on the "snowball fight" theme, since it's a pretty much universally-known thing.

    Initially, we had planned to implement a turn-based puzzle game-like system, but we switched lanes to "action" pretty early because action generally looks better and the speed of the snowball fights would shine more. Since the basic "making and throwing snowballs" system has not really changed since the start, I think it's safe to say that we've thought the concept out pretty thoroughly at this point.


    I think I was doing something like adding little things onto Takimoto's suggestions. Most of the basic proposals were Takimoto's.

    When the general characteristics of SnowFighters began to take shape, Takimoto explained them to me, and then we thought about which game would be easier to make, which tools and which approach would be best, etc., eventually landing on Pixel Game Maker MV. I personally had no idea what tool would be best, but it was strongly recommended by Takimoto so we decided to go with that.


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