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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Snow Business

    - Danny Cowan

  • Isaiah Swinton, Student at Carver Center for the Arts, Frostheart

    Frostheart is a 2D Puzzle-Action game in which the player controls a cryptid snow being made entirely of snow while it hunts down a camera crew looking for it.

    The gameplay centers around your snowy environment and the player's physiology. The player's main resource for completing tasks is their snow, which is both their health and size. Every step you take lowers the amount of snow you have. Other actions can also deplete your snow levels: Firing, taking damage, bigger jumps, etc., etc. The player can recover snow through entering mounds of snow or absorbing snowballs. Snowballs could be created by rolling snow into a ball with a specific input and then pushing said ball around to make it grow. It could then be absorbed, as said before, or used a projectile, platform, or faster method of travel for the player.

    Using these abilities, players could fight against the camera crew and their hunters. Frostheart is broken into levels which the player must raid enemy camps and clear any captured evidence of the beast and prevent the crew from progressing further. The player could use their attacks to directly incapacitate the crew with attacks or knock them out by setting up traps and using environmental objects. After knocking out the crew members the player can choose any way to dispose of any evidence of him, whether it be through stealing all the camp's equipment or scattering their bodies abroad in the icy snow.

    The camera crew poses as an obstacle as well as the objective for the player. Around the map, the camera crew sets traps around the camp which can either alert them to the player's location or hold the play down until the crew arrives to capture them. The camera crew can also utilize their equipment to capture pictures of the player. If they capture the picture and safely retreat, the player loses the game.

    The camera crew may also have weaponry on themselves allowing them to hold the player back with guns or other weapons to lower the player's snow levels. Other obstacles may appear in forest animals and environmental objects, both of which can be turned into a tool with a certain level of interaction. Animals can impede progress or cause harm. Environmental objects are physical barriers and cover for the player.


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