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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Snow Business

    - Danny Cowan

  • Michael Clemons, Indie Game Designer from Chicago, IL, Middle of Nowhere


    1st person survival/adventure

    A father and son bonding at a hunting trip ends tragic on a late-night winter highway, leaving you, the son, alive to fend for yourself.


    The game starts off with the player, Jonah Holler (son) coming to the realization on what has happened. Now, He has to roam through the wilderness fighting off wildlife animals and unsuspected dwellers while maintaining body temperature and health. The player will be equipped with a backpack that hold items (ammo, first aid kit, machete, etc.) anything that he will need in an effort for his protection and survival.

    Your survival depends on how well you're monitoring these 2 bars: health and body temperature. Health bar represents the player's vitality that can be maintained by how well you avoid any attack, injuries, freezing and hypothermia. Body temperature represents the player's body temperature that must be keep above freezing levels. When it starts to diminished, the player will start to shiver and next will experiencing fuzzy vision and may cause your health bar to decline. In the event of body temperature is plummeting, the player can either seek a shelter or create a campfire (with the contents you gathered and saved) in order to warm up.


    • Movement
      • Run
      • Walk
      • Creep
      • Crouch
      • Climb
    • Attack
      • Punch
      • Shoot
      • Swing/Cut
    • Action
      • Pick up items
      • Drop items
      • Interact


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