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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: No Sports? No Problem!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Michael Clemons, Indie Game Designer from Chicago, IL, Stone Cold vs. The Atrocity Crew

    GENRE 3rd person 3D fighting/adventure

    PRO ATHLETE Stone Cold Steve Austin

    After retiring from Pro Wrestling, Stone Cold opens up a bar called Austin 3:16. He is enjoying his everyday life drinking beers until a tough looking man comes into his establishment looking for with a death threat message. The message alerts him that a four-man group called the Atrocity Crew is looking him with aid of the local biker gangs and it is best that he leaves town. Within receiving it, He attacks the messenger and sends him off with a message.


    The player, as Stone Cold Steve Austin, must move through different locations around the city brawling through these local biker gangs in order to encounter the four-man crew. Because Stone Cold is a former Professional wrestler combat revolves around a mixture of street fighting and wrestling ring action. The player will also have access any items (4x4 board, tires, garbage can, etc...) present to be used as a weapon in order to advance to reduce the number of assailants coming for him.

    To be successful in a given fight, the player has to not only reduce the health of any assailant, he must also monitor all three bars: health, adrenaline and stamina. Losing too much health struggling with one foe might leave you in a predicament when you turn to face any remaining adversaries. Likewise, losing too much stamina will keep the player from being able to execute attacks and dodges. When health and stamina are low the player must use the environment to avoid engagement. During that time these resources will slowly replenish. Adrenaline bar is an essential component of combat in the game. Taunting his assailants will cause the adrenaline bar levels to increase. However, taking a damage will cause the levels to drop as well his Health bar. Once the bar is full, the player can going into a Mania rush mode. The player is becomes invincible and invulnerable to all attacks.


    • HUD showing the players stamina, adrenaline and health bar
    • Attacks
      • Punch
      • Kick
    • Blocking/Dodging
    • Grappling
      • Choke hold
      • Body throw
      • Finisher
    • Taunt
    • Movement
      • Run/Sprint
      • Walk/Creep
      • Jump
    • Items
      • Pick up
      • Drop


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