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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: No Sports? No Problem!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Raismuanda Bin Rusdi, Student at Multimedia University in Malaysia, Serena Williams: Invasion of Wimbledon


    This is your final match, you was about to get last score that can determine your win. But before the ball reaching the floor, something happen. A huge explosion that emits powerful wave that blast the entire stadium court. An attack from the sky. I was invasion.You woke up badly injured and people running as the alien attacking them. Then you realize you still holding your racket...


    • On present world where alien invasion.

    • Location take place in the city, and continue to alien mother-ship.

    • Streets where a lots of hostile flying droid that shoots rocket.



    • Basic 3D game movement 

    • Shift + movement to dash for short time. Player will be invulnerable during this short time.

    • Space to do roll

    • Tab to lock on target.


    • Tennis racket melee attack that build up focus upon hit. Total of three bar.

    • Attack can be use to smash rocket back to enemy.

    • Whenever you have a focus. 'Smash' can be activate, powerful melee attack that can knock enemy with extreme speed. Press 'E' to activate. It will slow time down giving you advantage to move closer to enemy, hold left-mouse to charge-up your attack and release to hit. Targeting an enemy during this move will cause knock direction towards that target.

    • 'Ace Smash' is same like 'Smash' but more powerful in terms of damage and area-effect.

    Life and spawn

    • You have five HP. Whenever you focus bar fill up, you get one HP.


    • Different enemy with different way to damage player.

    • Boss can't be 'Smash' or 'Ace Smash', however knocking small enemy towards boss can be devastating.

    • Enemy projectile can harm civilian and environment.

    Winning and losing conditions


    • Get into the next stage area.


    • HP reach zero.

    Reward and punishment


    • The harder the enemy, the more point collected.

    • Some hidden collectible waiting to be found.

    • High combo will give player extra focus point.


    • Environment explosion does effect your player .

    • For each time player die, gold(currency use in game)will become zero.

    • Reset the combo upon received ANY damage.


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