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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Local Legends

    - Danny Cowan

  • Harrison Neville, Student at The University of Montevallo, Ghost Masters

    Since its founding in 1896 The University of Montevallo has been a hotspot for paranormal activity. For years the ghost have made their presence known in little ways, but now they have decided that they are longer content being the topic of little events like a yearly ghost walk. The time has come and they're ready to rule.

    Objective: As one of the predominant ghost occupying the campus, your goal is to gain the respect of other lesser ghost by generating fear among students and thus build up a following in order to become the most powerful ghost of all. Your goal is to conquer all of UM by taking control of the three prominent haunted locations. 

    Players: 2-3 players.

    Characters: Connie, Trummie, and King


    The game takes place on a board that is a map of the University of Montevallo campus with most detail being given to the locations around which hauntings are most frequently known to occur. Each character starts on the specific location associated with them. So Reynolds for Trummie, Main Hall for Connie, and King House for King. Each location will have challenges that must be completed to generate fear from the college students spending time in the area. Fear is the currency used to purchase the loyalty of lesser ghost to join your side. These ghost can be purchased at either your starting haunting location or the King Family Cemetery. To gain access to the ghost at other haunted locations you must build up your deck and then drive the other characters out of their domains.

    There are two types of cards in the game. Fear cards and ghost cards. Fear cards focus primarily on building up fear to purchase ghost and ghost cards are used to combat the other players. Some of the fear and ghost cards will work together, but for the most part they will stay contained to their disciplines. Players will work throughout the game to build up their deck with both these card types in order to generate fear and defeat their opponents.

    In addition to the ghost that players can recruit into their decks, there are also several powerful ghost whom they can recruit as their right hand spirit to help them in their conquest. Players can build these acolytes their own separate mini decks and use them to help defeat their opponents. Naturally, the recruitment of one of these ghost requires far more fear than the ghost cards.

    The game ends when one player takes control of Main Hall, King House, and Reynolds.


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