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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Local Legends

    - Danny Cowan

  • Ryan Coole, Junior Application Developer, The Moddey Dhoo

    Genre: Survival Horror


    In the days when Charles II was King in England, Peel Castle was always garrisoned by soldiers. At the end of the long days in the castle, a different soldier each night would lock the castle gates and bring the key through a passage to the Captain. It was about this time in the cold and dark nights that a big black dog with rough curly hair was seen around the castle, with his red eyes glaring. He did not belong to anyone there and no one knew anything about him. He made no sound, but watched them until the break of day, when he would then disappear into the dark passage.

    One night, one foolish soldier had drunk more than was good for him and he began to brag and boast that he was not afraid of the dog. It was not his turn to take the keys, but to show how brave he was, he said that he would take them alone. There was a deathly silence in the passage; no sound was heard but the dashing of the waves on the steep rocks of the Castle Islet. Shortly after, there was the most unearthly screams and howls coming from the passage, as blood splatters everywhere. You witness it all from your room and must find your way to the key, as it is your only way out!


    • First-person perspective
    • No HUD
    • Collectible letters are transitioned into view with separate reading screen optional
    • No combat
    • Sanity system like Amnesia (being in the dark for too long or seeing the Moddey Dhoo causes visual distortion/hallucinations)
    • Collect lantern fuel to keep it lit for sanity
    • Lantern and running attract attention if too close
    • The Moddey Dhoo learns where your preferred hiding places are (e.g. under bed)
    • The Moddy Dhoo learns to ignore certain distractions if used too often
    • No ‘Game Over' screen, return to closest save point


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