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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Local Legends

    - Danny Cowan

  • Eric Dolland, Student at The University of Montevallo, Lovelady Bridge

    The urban legend I will be talking about is the ghost of Lovelady Bridge. In my hometown of Dadeville, Al there is a bridge that is said to be haunted by the ghost of a mother who has lost her child (speculation is that her child was killed). It is said that if you stand on the bridge and recite the words, "Lovelady, Lovelady, I have your child" then she will appear and attack you.

    The game I will design based on this legend will be a 4-player murder mystery style game in which players confront the ghost and help her find her child's killer. The game will include 4 color avatar pieces, 4 information sheets, 4 colored player cards with information about each player, a sheet containing the rules and a backstory about the legend, and a box to hold the materials. At the beginning of the set up the 4 character cards are placed face down and each player will close their eyes and, one by one, open their eyes and draw a card. They will then grab the avatar piece that matches their card color and close their eyes again.

    To start the game, one of the players is designated as the killer in the beginning; however, he/she cannot reveal this fact to anyone. It is the objective of the other players to determine who killed the child of the ghost. Each player will be given a separate story which tells about different parts of the ghost's life in order to determine different clues. These players will match their clues together along with the killer feeding false information into the group to determine the odd player out and accuse them.

    The non-killer players have information that is unknown to everyone else that is used with information from the rest of the non-killer's pages to determine a solid story to accuse another player. The killer is given small amounts of information from the other sheets as well as their own so that they may keep up with their story. It is their job to use their skills of deception and remembering their own story to make others believe that they are not the killer. If anyone other than the killer is accused, the ghost will kill the accuser. If another player is accused that is not the killer: the party loses the game, the killer roams free, and the Ghost of Lovelady Bridge is free to terrorize more innocent people.


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