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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Local Legends

    - Danny Cowan

  • Savannah Dodson, Student at The University of Montevallo, The Storyteller

    Urban Legend: The Satanic Ram-man sculpture in Birmingham, Alabama

    This sculpture, called "The Storyteller" by its creator Frank Fleming, was intended to capture the southern storytelling tradition of smart-aleck creatures as well as capture the attention of children. A human with a goat head sits in a stump, reading to various animals who are surrounding him. The sculpture's unorthodox focal point was believed to be a representation of Satan, and the five frogs who surround him are meant to show the five points of a pentagram. This led to the formation of its own urban legend, where many people claim that satanic rituals are held at this fountain, but there is no evidence to support this.

    The game concept: Players will take on the role of the goat-man statue, who is truly Satan, and will have to obtain followers while silently sneaking around individual houses.

    In an opening scene, players will see the statue, standing completely still as the sun sets behind it. Once darkness has fallen, the goat-man will start to shudder, as if trying to unstick himself from his pedestal. As he rises, Satan will start to monologue, lamenting at his small following and expressing a desire to increase his worship. After this, a tutorial will commence, explaining to players that their ultimate goal is to gain total control of the city they occupy. They will then teleport into a nearby home, where everyone is sleeping.

    Players must find a way to sneak around the house without waking the sleeping individuals, avoiding obstacles such as children's toys, sleeping animals, and even the occasional passed out drunkard. As houses get harder, there will be more of the stationary obstacles that must be avoided, as well moving obstacles that can only be passed be remaining completely motionless. Once the players approach an individual who is sleeping in a bed, they will be prompted to hypnotize them, bringing the NPC under their control (The initial tutorial house will only contain one individual, and as players progress through the game, there will be increasingly more people in beds that they must hypnotize and harder obstacles that they must find a way around).

    After this is completed, a cutscene will begin where we see the hypnotized individual performing a ritual around the statue's base. This will cause Satan to gain Power, which would be measured in a red bar along the side of the screen. Players can use Power to obtain upgrades and tools from the five frogs that surround the goat-man's pedestal, forming a pentacle. At first, only the first frog will be available with fairly weak upgrades, but as players progress through increasingly difficult houses, new frogs will become available with better upgrades.


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