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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Face Your Fears

    - Danny Cowan

  • Eleonora Fallabrino, Student at High Point University, First Day

    This is a game for Elementary school children.

    What things makes a 6 year old scared? Not being able to fit in at school is one example.

    This game would explore the pressure revolving around the first day of school.

    This game is seen where the player is a kid in school and he is walking in the hallway and with his back turned to the, so called, "friends". If he continues to have his back turned, he can hear whispers about him, if he turns to those friends, he will realize it's all in his/her head.

    The player has three choices in the game:

    The player can either continue to listen to those whispers,
    ignore them and keep walking,
    or turn around and check if it was just his imagination.

    If the player chooses to listen to the whispers, clicking on the text bubbles

    The speech bubbles will transform from blurred words, to an actual sentence. The character will be more and more influenced by what it is said in the speech bubbles. By the end of the game, if the player decides to turn around, those whispers will actually be the talk of the day.

    If the player ignores the speech bubbles, not clicking on them when they pop up

    The player will succeed to do well in school and have an amazing life. He will not be distracted by the chit chat going on around him. His confidence and determination will be high and his anxiety low.

    If the player chooses to turn around to his/her "friends," He will get more friends, but the whispers will increase as he chooses that option. This option also increases the anxiety meter, making the character more nervous, more likely to believe the chats.


    Player will go through main menu, will click on Start and will show up in his bedroom. He will need to get ready for school. The morning routine is important because it will determine the mood of the character and how vulnerable they can be (the player will not know). The character will be seen later walking down the hallways facing the player in between classes and will either stop and chat with classmates or keep going. Every decision will count towards how likable the character will be.

    Depending on the choices of the player, if to interact with the "friends" or "whispers" or not, the player will end up getting 3 different endings. One is that the elementary school student will graduate with no friends with the top of the grades and be successful later in life. The second is if the player pics to listen to the "whispers" and go talk to the "friends", he will have his anxiety high and be depressed. The third is to learn how to listen to the "whispers" but to chose not to turn around, have a balanced life not caring about what people think.


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