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  • Creating A Game Character From Scratch

    - Tom Safarov

  • Adding the details

    Further drawing of the work is a matter of technique. Here we add contrast and clarify the details, while not forgetting about the silhouette. The level of the drawing depends on both personal skill and understanding of the form, which is sometimes easier to do in the black-and-white.

    Previous practice works help a lot to better convey the images that our imagination generates. Also here it is important for us to recreate the feeling of the materials themselves - leather, metal, fur, and the nuances of their contrast: the glint of steel, the dull hue of the skin, and so on. 


    At this stage, we select the blend mode "Soft Light" with a transparency of 40%. We don't have a specific algorithm for turning it into a coloured image - we try different blending modes and opacity settings until we find the best option.


    We try to constantly improve the work at all stages of its creation - this fills the whole process with positive emotions. But even here it is important not to overdo it because excessive polishing can deprive the image of some sort of "spirit" , which helps the viewer to feel himself participating in the creative process. In the final stage of work, we brush over the image in the "Normal" mode.

    That's it - our work is ready!



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