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  • How To Come Up With New Game Ideas

    - Vadim Charugin

  • Step 2: Idea hunting

    Let's break down different methods of looking for project ideas.


    Finally, you can tell your parents that you're not fooling around - you're actually working on creating an idea for a game that would possibly make millions. While playing games. Doing that, try thinking like a game designer. Ask yourself about everything that's happening in the games, and why it's happening.

    Why doesn't the player get the sword in Legend of Zelda right away?

    Because the moment the player gets the sword brings them joy. It helps to get the player hooked.

    Why are there weapons in Worms that are not affected by wind?

    Because some players can't figure out how wind works and take it into consideration while calculating attacks.

    Why is there a "starting hub" in Enter the Gungeon?

    Because it lets you get familiar with controls and different character abilities without risk of dying or losing health.

    Usually, there's more than one reason why something is the way it is. Try figuring them out with other players, or read developer journals and blogs.

    If you get too carried away playing that you forget actually analyzing what's going happening on your screen, do your research on YouTube or Twitch, looking at other people playing.

    Let's suppose you decided to make a 2D platformer and came across Shovel Knight while browsing for references. Think why the first level in this game is full of unusual elements: a battle with a dragon, a room full of bubbles and a pit.

    Shovel Knight

    These elements actually help the player get used to the physics of the game and show them the main mechanic they'll have to use to complete the following levels - jumping on a shovel.

    Once you got it, try making up another completely unique mechanic for a game yourself.


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