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  • One Year Of Game Dev After Graduation

    - Craig Robinson

  • Part 2: Making Games Should be Fun

    Early enemy designs by Dylan Z.

    Working on Lumen with the Buttery Games team has given me one of the most challenging years of my life. But I would not trade Lumen for anything else.

    Creating Buttery Games and developing Lumen has become a large part of all our lives. We are all incredibly good friends outside of working on Lumen and share an understanding of exactly what we want Buttery Games to be.

    Lumen began as a way for me to escape the monotony of modern life by providing an outlet for creative expression.

    Screaming Skull concept by Dylan Z.

    We all have our screaming skulls that haunt us

    I'm sure many of you have experienced the monotony a boring job can bring as well.

    For some work can be an exciting place to learn new things with people you enjoy. For others it can feel like a prison where needs go unmet and you are left feeling unfulfilled. It is important to find ways to strike balances, such that one does not compromise themselves too far for others.

    I am incredibly fortunate to have a project that I can develop with a like minded team, willing to create without judgment or fear.

    Demon Boss by Dylan Z.

    Buttery Games was built with one idea in mind. Making games should be fun. And it is. Incredibly so. It can also cause many frustration as well, and that's alright.

    Everyone involved, working on Lumen, has our own hopes and fears, wants and dreams.

    As such we have agreed upon one critical work environment rule that we shall adhere to - Respect that fact.

    Lumen meeting an NPC in the Hive Cave by Andrew

    Anyone who has been treated unfairly, been hurt by someone, or dealt with poor leadership at some point, will know that sometimes it seems very easy for others to forget the other people involved in their decisions. This isn't always malicious, and may have never even been meant to harm, but it happens all the same.

    A big focus in Lumen is the narrative on Lumen's existence. Lumen is a demigod and was conceived in the Underworld to fill out a specific purpose for all of eternity. One day he is forcibly removed by beings with malicious intentions, and lands in a realm very unlike the Underworld. The Interworld - better known as the mortal realm.

    Lumen enters this world unwillingly and initially only has a sole goal of finding his way back home to the Underworld.

    On his journey through the Interworld he will learn something unique - everyone in this world has a story, and there can be multiple sides to it. He will learn to grow and empathize as he comes across the plight of the various members of the mortal realm. He will come into the world indifferent but leave with a renewed vision in mind.

    The members of Buttery Games try to remember that as well. All of you reading this, have a story. And there are many sides to it. And we wish you all the best with yours, while we may have a chance to share ours. All of us here have one goal - create quality games, while having fun doing it.

    Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.

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    Me at my signature work desk with my furry friend


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