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  • Tips And Tricks To Manage Open Game Development

    - Yannick Elahee

  • Update Timing

    We've found that the best update timing is MONTHLY.

    This way you can have:

    • Buffer week: you push the update, gather community feedback and share things with people. Production is usually frozen during this week.

    • Production week: aka leave me alone I want to work. You have the peace of mind on focusing on the next update!

    • Testing week: this was the trickiest to find. This testing week give your developers and community some time for playtesting and debugging! It's also convenient for localization community players that want to help before the patch is released. You can use the beta branch on Steam one week before Buffer week.

    Content Strategy - Making ass-kickin updates!

    The most important thing with open development is "What are you actually putting into the game?". If you come to Open Development with a super fixed immovable schedule of what you wanted to do : YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.

    If you do this, it means your players have 0 impact on your development, and loose the "open" tag. They don't need to lead the whole thing, just being there to support you with all the weight on your shoulders!

    Choose a focus : innovation or improvement

    Updates can mainly go 2 ways:

    INNOVATION - You add new stuff to the game, it can be content, gameplay features, a better core loop or whatever.

    IMPROVEMENT - You're improving what's already there! You make a better UI / UX, kill the bugs or improve the framerate. It's also fine tuning the game even more. You may even be adding new languages to the localization!

    you can do both, but sometimes it's interesting to do IMPROVEMENT, because players often complain about bugs!


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