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  • Launching TwinCop: 7 Days Of An Indie Dev's Journal

    - Kartik Kini

  • May 9th... 1 Day
    I woke up full of energy today. Even though I think I went to sleep around 3am. I think its anxious energy. I had breakfast/lunch and coffee and immediately began streaming my friends game that launched today (SiNKR  2), and then jumped into my own work. I spent longer than I would like trying to get some streaming stuff set up for tomorrow, but I got it done. Then I streamed some gamedev while I finished the last piece of functionality I want in before launch. I kept checking the time as if the game is going to launch within minutes. I don't know how much more anxious energy I can handle.

    There are a lot of things I look forward to fixing and improving with the way we make games moving forward- I feel like that may be driving me to release this game more than anything else right now. Normally I fret about TwinCop when my mind drifts, but lately I've been fantasizing about future games and future ideas.

    Ended up staying up late, very late, fixing bugs and readying our day one patch.

    May 10th... The Day
    I stumbled out of bed before my alarm went off. I showered, brushed my teeth, had breakfast and coffee before sitting down at my computer to upload our day one patch (which technically managed to go live before we launched, so not really day one patch?). I got everything ready to go for launch: Stream, Reddit posts, tweets, YouTube video, DMs, Facebook posts, etc. I was ready at 11:30am, and it felt like I was on the apex at the beginning of a rollercoaster. I waited, waited, until it hit noon. I reloaded the Steam page and saw that it was live, and.... the game was live! TwinCop launched.

    May 10th Night... End of The Day
    I feel like I felt too many emotions to handle in one day. I've felt ecstatic joy, absolute terror, sleepy, depressed and excited all in the course of 8 hours. Now I'm lying in bed with not much left to do but let the marketing plans play out and hope for the best.

    I don't feel anything right now, to be honest. I think that'll pass once I've had rest and mental space to process everything that happened today. It was a lot, but I feel I can semi confidently say it was a good day, and a good launch.

    May 13th... 3 days later
    I feel so tired. I didn't quite realize how emotionally and physically taxing this weekend was until I needed to focus on my day job again. I kinda wish I'd taken this day off as well, but I can't really afford to. I felt so many emotions over the weekend but my current mood has left me wondering: what would make me feel genuinely good about something I've made?

    I know I'm hard on myself for anything shy of "perfect", but to release a game you have to be able to accept that some things won't be perfect. Would I be happier if more news outlets covered the game? Would I have been happier if we broke 1000s of sales in the first day? I don't know. Ultimately, I strive to enjoy the journey because you can rarely predict the destination. I strive to focus on why I make games: to make people have fun. As far as I can tell, plenty of people have had fun thanks to TwinCop... and for that I could not be more proud of me and my team.

    If you want to check out the game, here it is:


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