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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: I Need A Hero

    - Danny Cowan

  • Luiz Henrique Freire Gadioli Cavalcanti, Student at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, Brazil, Untitled

    A mobile idle game where the player must manage a life of a superhero, as like his agent, making him grow more and more.

    Each hero will have powers like: super-strength, super-speed, elastic limbs, talk to animals, breathe underwater, cross inanimate objects and others. Those powers will be chosen at the beginning of the game.

    These powers can give you advantages or disadvantages in some missions and will help define your status.

    The agent can define the actions that your hero can perform. Each action requires an amount of time to be developed and may have lasting consequences such as:

    • Train Hero: Makes your hero train to level up, this can take a few minutes or longer, depending on your hero's level. As the level up, the hero can perform more missions, increase his attributes and with a high level can unlock new powers.

    • Quests: Doing quests the player will get rewards like xp, money, ranking points or even costumes. The missions can be escort, investigate, protect or battle. When selecting a mission the hero will stay in it for the predetermined time of the mission until completing it.

    • Ranking points: With them the player fills a bar that defines their rank that can vary from 'E' to 'S', the higher your ranking the greater the chances of getting bonuses on missions. To get ranking points the player can complete missions or get sponsorship.

    • Sponsorship: As your hero grows, sponsors will chase after him to make advertisements. For this, it is necessary to negotiate with them. The player, at the time of the negotiation, will go to a screen where there will be a "mini-game" when he must choose the right dialogue to achieve the sponsorship. Sponsorship will also generate an amount of money within a certain time.

    • Money: can be used to improve your base, enabling better and faster training and you can also buy new outfits (some costumes can give to the hero a bonus effect).

    The community of players can also develop their own costume and publish it for it to be analyzed and inserted into the game.

    • Mini-game: While the hero is on a mission the player can play some mini-games, which vary depending on the hero's mission, this will give little xp to your hero and will reduce the time needed to complete the mission. In this mini-game he will control the hero and have to pass through simple challenges such as running while diverting objects, unraveling a crime scene seeking evidence, or even hit the target that appears randomly on the screen.

    • Guild: A player, through game money, can set up his hero society where he can call friends to participate in it so they can participate in exclusive missions together.

    The heroes are customizable, the player can set the name and appearance including of course, their super costume!


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