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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: I Need A Hero

    - Danny Cowan

  • HUE Lorène, Game Design Student at ArtFX in Montpellier, France, The Dazzler Concert

    Pitch: The Dazzler Concert is a mix between a rhythm game and a tower defense, ideally the game would have an artistic direction in 2D isometric.

    Synopsis: You play Dazzler. In concert, an army of hellfire minions, eager to kidnap Dazzler. The heroine and singer will have to use her powers to destroy her opponents, converting the music into laser beams.

    1. Character:Dazzler

    • Powers: Dazzler has several attacks that consume all of the stored.

    • Sonic conversion: She has the power to absorb the sonic vibrations that reach her body. // Fill the jauge.

    • Projection of light: The absorbed sound is converted into light by his body. // Consume the gauge.

    • Dazzler can manipulate the photonic energy and change its direction, frequency, amplitude (intensity) and duration.

    • It can create a light pulse of several thousand Watts / sec, which temporarily blinds those who look at it.

    • It can generate a solid light beam or a light burst close to 99.9% of the laser.

    • It can form a photonic shield around it, powerful enough to deflect or destroy small projectiles.

    • Movements: The player can move Dazzler on a line on the stage, with the left stick on the controller.

    • Game Over : If Dazzler's hit points drop to 0, the player loses the game.

    • Win : The player wins if Dazzler is still alive at the end of time, and all enemies are destroyed.

    2. Rhythm mechanic

    • With their keyboard or controller, the player must follow series of inputs for Dazzler to sing and his musicians to continue playing.

    • Combo: When the player makes combos, the attack of Dazzler will be more powerful, and will be able to touch several targets at the same time.

    3. Enemies: Their attacks, resistances, pv and damage are different from each other.

    • Pawn (Red)

    • Soldier (Purple)

    • Elite Soldier (Green)

    • Lieutenant (Yellow)

    4. Environment

    • Obstacles: Obstacles can block the enemy's path, forcing them to change lines.

    • Musicians: The rhythm of the music gives to Dazzler a constant source of sound to convert.

    5. Shopping

    After each game, the player will collect points/money to buy new items. They do not move on the map, and stay at the defined location.

    Companions : Companions are towers. Before the game, they are placed on the card by the player. They automatically attack the enemies, and can, according to their effects, boost Dazzler.

    After the purchase of a companion, it will gain levels during the game, until reaching its maximum. However, at the next part, its level is reset to 1.

    They have their own purchase cost in points/money, different hit points, damages, different attacks, attack speed, attack range, attack type and specific abilities and resistance.

      • Songbird
      • Klaw
      • Banshee
      • Cyrène
    • Special Object :

      • Speakers: Speakers produce sound. The more speakers there are, the stronger the sound, and therefore, boost Dazzler.

    6. UI:

    • Score: There is a score, which increases thanks to the combo and the successful inputs, and to each killed enemy.

    • Gauge of Sounds: This gauge stores the sound absorbed by Dazzler, each enemy makes sound, as well as the speakers that transmit the voice of the heroine, and any companions.

    • Attacks select: Using the RT / LT inputs, the player can select an attack to throw as soon as the gauge contains enough sound.

    • Inputs, Rhythm : The inputs to be followed are indicated on the right side of the screen.

    • Timer: The timer of the game is represented by the time bar of the music. The game ends when the music is over.


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