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  • Postmortem: Das Geisterschiff

    - Romanus Surt

  • Happy Accidents

    1. Lack of NPCs

    Due to low amount of artwork the amount of NPCs and chatter had to be cut down to the barest minimum. While this decision may have turned away story-oriented players, in the end, it added to the barren, lifeless atmosphere that we wanted to create.

    2. Graphics Style

    What started as a shortcut to mask the lack of art budget eventually created an eye-catching style that was easy to use and stylish enough to look good (and, incidentally, more 'retro' than the majority of 'retro' games out there). It's a polarizing style, but it gave DG its own identity and made it instantly recognizable among others.

    So, What Now?

    Das Geisterschiff is available on Steam, it received rather positive reception and it's (probably) the first dungeon crawler where terrain matters in combat. It sells pretty slowly, but it already found a small audience, and the sales are going well enough to keep us in business and start working on another game.

    Overall, it ended up being a good game that we are proud of, but there's still a lot of room for improvement and additions to develop this idea further.

    Currently, we are cooking up a content update for Das Geisterschiff to expand the game a little bit. We are also working on a small non-RPG project, a commercial remake of Phantom 3D, our small jam game that ended up coming along so naturally and so well, we could not resist the temptation. We are aiming to release the commercial HD version sometime this Summer.

    At the same time we're slowly working on the new codebase for the next DG. It will be a spin-off, rather than continuation of the main story, as there are several ways to develop the original concept and we would like to try each one of them before coming back to continue the story.

    If you have any questions or thoughts, don't hesitate to comment or ping me on Twitter.



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