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  • Notes From A Game Writer: Indie To AAA

    - Danny Homan

  • The Road to Gearbox

    By now, I had an armada of materials, indie game credits, as well as my spec scripts, which I'd turned into short interactive games using Unity and a plug-in called Fungus. As luck would have it, Gearbox was looking for a writer -- I say luck because posted AAA writing jobs are incredibly rare, amazingly competitive, and you should apply anyway. I landed a writing test, then a phone interview, then an on-site interview, and finally a job offer.


    For most, becoming a game writer is a long, twisted path filled with tons of rejection (unless you catch a break) in which you'll spend years working for just the opportunity to prove your writing chops. The honest truth is that there are a million factors that can ultimately determine whether you get that job or not. Who you know. The weather. So, my best advice is to:

    Make your own games.

    Reach out to indie studios. 

    Be fearless. Embrace rejection. 

    In the end, I got my current job at Gearbox after a ton of hard work, a lot of rejection, and some luck. That said, everyone's path to game writing is different. But there's an upside. Video game writers are part of a small, welcoming community. So, on your path to becoming a game writer, don't be afraid to ask for advice along the way.



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