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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Call Of The Wild

    - Danny Cowan

  • CARLIEZ Camille, Game Design Student at ArtFX in Montpellier, France, Untitled

    My game is a Tactical RPG where Défis Nature meets Heroes of Might and Magic, enhanced by card game deck building with a pixel art Artistic Direction


    You play as a lion, the king of animals, who wants to liberate the world from human. You travel from Africa until North America passing threw Europe and Asia recruiting new animals in your crew with their own abilities and statistics.


    1) Level selection

    The world map is split in several zone, each of them contains levels. Reward are indicated on the current level, it can be new animals for your crew, money or trinkets. Information are also displayed like the difficulty, the type and number of enemies that can be encounter, the ground type (rock field, sea, mountain, tundra...) and the climate.

    2) Team composition

    Before or after selecting a level, you must create a team of animals. Each animals have basic statistics like their attack range/type, damage, speed, weight, the number of square that they can move on and also their life points.

    Each animal got also a passive and an active skills related to their natural competence. For example, Wolves have bonuses when they are close to each other, Honey Badger is immune to poison, Mole dig holes and tunnels on command and Boa Constrictor prevent enemies to move by strangulate them.

    The last point is that each animals have the information of their diet (carnivorous, omnivorous, herbivorous) and their living place (mountains, desert, sea, jungle...)

    3) Fight

    After deploying your team in the level, you face humans enemies or domesticate animals. Depending on where you are in the world you will face different enemies with different equipment and weapon to kill you like spears, poison, rifles, tanks, swords, smoke grenade and more.

    In the grid, if you place a carnivorous on an adjacent square than a herbivorous you got an ecosystem bonus because you create a stable ecosystem. The bonus is applied on the attack stat, reduced damage taken and enhanced skills.

    The bonus amount depends on the living environment of your units, if they live on the same environment, the bonus will be greater. Placing an omnivorous near to a carnivorous or a herbivorous grants the bonus but less powerful. If a carnivorous is near to two herbivorous the bonus will not apply, it must be balanced. But, you can do a chain alternating carnivorous and herbivorous, the longer the chain is, the better the bonus will be.

    You can also push any character one square further if the unit who hit is way heavier than the unit who receive the hit.

    4) Upgrades

    Finishing levels gives you money and sometime trinket. With those resources, you can upgrade the Lion by buying skills in the skill tree, granting bonuses for certain animals or type of, increasing ecosystem bonus, reducing climate malus or enhancing your team capacity. Equipping trinkets grant extra bonuses like increasing critical chance.


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